Cyclones and Bag Filters

Air pollution control equipment

Cyclones, multicyclones and bag or cartridge filters are considered air pollution control equipment and the specification of use among the models manufactured by Albrecht is subject to the technical characteristics of the gaseous flow. The manufacturing materials are variable, and it is possible to supply stainless steel, carbon steel with surface treatment or high strength polymers.

We develop projects for filtration systems, supplying this equipment since the 70’s, on request, to service exhaust lines in several industrial segments, as well as for equipment of our manufacture.

Cyclones and multicyclones are more efficient for retaining particles larger than 60 µm, while bag and cartridge filters are recommended for capturing fines in suspension of particles smaller than 60 µm.

For applications where the retention of particulate material is a product, Albrecht has conventional bag filters with heating, which allows the recovery of suspended materials in order to direct them back to the process.


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