Continuous tubular washing line

Good production practices recommend the adoption of technologies and equipment that contribute to the rational use of natural resources. Water, a precious and essential commodity for everyone, is a fundamental input for the dye washing process.

Washing knits and fabrics by breakdown can and should be replaced by continuous washing, bringing substantial gains in dyeing machine time, process logistics and especially water consumption.

Aquarius was designed and developed to produce as much as possible with the least amount of natural resources. An Albrecht technology that won environmental awards for having the lowest water consumption per kg of fabric processed.

With a counter flow of water over the fabric and with soft squeezing features, it is indicated for the perfect washing of fabrics dyed with reactive and mercerized dyes, without interfering in the reproducibility of colors and patterns.

The Aquarius concept is aligned with environmental sustainability, reduces the formation of peeling and offers superior quality to the finish.


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