Biogas Treatment

Biogas, a by-product of the anaerobic digestion process, is a low-cost energy matrix for drying and generating electricity. We have technology for the active extraction of biogas from biodigesters, double membrane biogas accumulators with storage volume control, biogas treatment by desulfurization, dehumidification, compression and removal of siloxanes, in addition to all the engineering for the interconnection and automation of this subsystem, both for thermal use and for electrical cogeneration.

The TECON Gasometer used by Albrecht in biogas treatment and compression projects has the function of regulating the flow to the thermal or electrical cogeneration system, offering more reliability and quality for the processes.
The gasometer is installed on a concrete base, with adequate anchorage for support and an inspection window that allows visual control of the filling level. Accurate measurement of the degree of filling is ensured by means of an ultrasonic measuring system. The biogas storage system is also equipped with a safety valve to protect against excessive biogas pressure.

Biogas has high moisture content when extracted from digesters, which must be removed before use. Albrecht supplies line condensers for partial moisture removal, refrigerated condensing unit for more specific applications and low and high pressure compression units, using certified equipment for this purpose.

For energy use of biogas in burners, Albrecht supplies the desulfurizer. A modular H2S removal unit, sized according to the required removal efficiency and type of filter element used.

When biogas has the objective of cogeneration of electric energy, the treatment of the biogas follows the presented scope, plus the modular unit for the removal of siloxanes.


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