Solutions for thermal drying of waste, air filtration systems and rotary filters for effluents.

Cepheus is a reactor developed by ALBRECHT with the purpose of processing highly complex substrates, in an oxidizing or inert environment, with accurate temperature and pressure controls. With electric heating or a NG or LPG burner, it is supplied mounted on a skid with an integrated gas treatment system. Its configuration is customized according to the characteristics and application required.

In an oxidative environment, it is applied for calcination processes of carbonates or hydroxides in the chemical industry.

In an inert environment, it has application in the thermal treatment of multiphase waste containing variable contents of water, oils and sediments, waste containing solvents, plastic and polymeric waste, metal chips of special alloys and noble minerals.


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Yellow Line

Solutions for automated handling and storage.

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Blue Line

Solutions for textile preparation and finishing.

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Green Line

Solutions for industrial processes, solid waste, liquid effluents and air filtration.

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Special Projects

Development of specific solutions for industrial processes and pilot plant construction.

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Solutions for final disposal of sewage sludge, biogas and energy cogeneration.

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