The stenter Centauro was developed for the preparation and finishing of textile articles, of variable weights. With experience and knowledge acquired over more than 30 years, Albrecht has dedicated engineering to the constant improvement of Centauro, to meet the processing of articles of different constructions and compositions, dry and wet, of cotton and its blends, 100% synthetic articles, with or without elastane and with increasingly specific finishing requirements.

We proudly present to the market the 5th Generation of the Stenter Albrecht, called CENTAURO BR5.

Divided into input combination, thermal chambers and output combination, it allows the incorporation of different equipment, in order to meet a high degree of customization, according to the characteristics of the textile article to be processed.

The input combination comprises an introduction tower for flat fabrics, with coupling for big roller unwinding device, a feeding tower with an opener set for knitwear, Hydra E extraction padder, Hydra I impregnation padder, weft straightener and delivery system for the pinning with automatic overfeed control.

The fabric transport set is supplied according to the type of textile article to be processed, the mechanism being optional between vertical or horizontal chain, equipped with links with double pinning device and safety clips with automatic closing and opening.

For flat, full-bodied and particularly heavyweight fabrics, Albrecht offers the clip chain.

The thermal chambers are modular and supplied according to the production capacity required by the customer. With Albrecht ventilation technology, the set of nozzles promotes circulation and efficient thermal exchange, with individual adjustment of the lower and upper ventilation, according to the weight of the fabrics being processed. An automatic diversion system redirects hot air from the thermal chambers when the equipment stops undesired, preserving the fabric and keeping the thermal chambers warm until the process resumes.

With steam, thermal oil or gas heating (NG or LPG), the automatic exhaust control guarantees the best energy cost benefit, avoiding unnecessary energy dissipation by Centauro’s two central exhaust fans.

The output combination has a cooling chamber, unpinning set and selvedge cutter, inspection and possibility of discharge the article in a plaiter or non-stop batcher with roll tension control, packing machine and device for coupling a big roller winding, if desired and according to the required finishing characteristics.

In line with the concept of Industry 4.0, all automation and control allows operation from both the input and output of the equipment, via HMI or supervisory, on a touch-screen panel. Intelligent automation offers advanced operational features for greater process control and reliability.

Additionally, connectivity features allow remote access of all equipment, as well as batch traceability and integration with the customer’s ERP.


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