Continuous open-width washing line

Aquarius is ideal for processing open circular fabrics, kettenstuhl, raschel, flat and terry fabrics. Among the operational possibilities, the following stand out:

  • Relaxation and purge of synthetic fabrics with and without elastane
  • Dye wash of normal or enzyme-treated reagents
  • Washing of reactive prints
  • Washing of prints with disperse dyes
  • Washing acid prints
  • Relaxation and desizing
  • Striped washing

The advantages of this process include:

  •  Solubilization and emulsion of sizing oils: The long immersion time of fabrics in the machine provides a greater effect of solubilization and emulsion of sizing oils and knitting oils, removing them practically in their entirety.
  • Hot-dip pre-fixing: a process that in some situations and articles can eliminate a stenter pass.
  • Total relaxation: The fabric is carried stress-free during this phase of the process in a controlled and reproducible manner, offering pre-shrinkage with less likelihood of breakage in subsequent processes.
  • Versatility: Regardless of weight, width or texture, sensors guarantee perfect synchronization without tensions between the various washing boxes. Automatically controlled selvedge centralizers and unrollers allow the fabric to be aligned and guided safely.
  • Efficiency: The counter-flow water circuit enables efficient washing with minimal water consumption.
  • Modularity: The modular construction equipment is extremely versatile, making it possible to increase production capacity with the inclusion of more modules.

The sum of the advantages of continuous washing for open fabrics and knits provides, as a final result, an article without breaks, relaxed, with an excellent degree of solidity, minimal peeling formation and greater savings in water, energy, steam and inputs.


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