Inspection machine

Inspection plays an important role in the preparation of textile articles. An efficient overhaul ensures less scrap, unwanted parts removal and equipment downtime. It is at this stage that the piece-by-piece sewing and assembly of ideal batches takes place for the capacity of subsequent equipment.

This procedure is of vital importance for quality control and, above all, for perfect performance in subsequent processes.

Albrecht’s Aquila proofreaders are available in three models:

Aquila 1.6 S – Single Side Inspection: ideal for preparation in the dyeing sector. With a compact construction, it was developed for larger productions with the option of working with two or more tracks.

Aquila 1.6 D – Double-sided Inspection: the fabric in the form of rolls, coming from the loom, is unrolled at the beginning of the operation, allowing that during its passage through the machine, it can be visualized on both sides in a single pass on the inspection tables. The fabric can be delivered in rolls or plaited according to its destination within the production flow.

Aquila 2.4 A – Inspection for open finished fabric: it can receive the fabric plaited or in rolls. The fabric is inspected on an inspection panel with internal and external light. It is then centered and rolled without tension.


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