HYDRA E (Extraction) and Hydra I (Impregnation)

Open extraction and finishing padder

Hydra enables excellent homogenization in the extraction and/or impregnation of open-width fabric, with perfect pick-up control being essential. As it is used in the preparation or finishing of articles at the entrance of stenters, it is supplied with an introduction tower composed of tension bars and opening threads with clamping adjustment and a rotating centralizing device with an automatic correction system through electronic sensors.

Its robust and all-stainless construction features quick chemical inlets, optional bath heating and tilting for quick change and cleaning of the service tank. Feeding of the impregnation tank is automatic and controlled by a level sensor.

Its foulard set supports pressures of up to 12 ton with regular adjustment of the working pressure, according to the weight of each article, whether delicate or heavier.


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