Blue Line

Solutions for textile preparation and finishing.

Albrecht is a pioneer in the development of equipment for textile processing, with emphasis on the complete preparation and finishing line for tubular knits and the preparation and finishing line with thermosetting for open knits.

For flat-woven textile articles, the main equipment is in the finishing stage, where we offer the continuous line of preparation and relaxation of synthetic yarn articles, pad batch washing and breakdown dyed for towels, taffeta, velor, etc… and the finishing line and thermosetting.

The textile preparation line includes inspection machine, relaxing machine and continuous preparation and bleaching lines.

For tubular knits, the combination of wet finishing, drying and high performance compaction has achieved unique quality and productivity indices.

The continuous washing line is the equipment with the lowest water consumption per kg of processed fabric on the market. Added to this line, the finishing padder with magnetic frame, which provides a better recovery of the tubular fabric with overfeeding and width adjustment, while still wet.

We cannot fail to mention the dryer, an equipment of high productivity and energy efficiency, which has contributed to reducing costs with an expensive stage of textile finishing. Its individualized belt overfeed control offers flexibility and quality for pre-shrinking fabric before final compaction.

Still in the tubular flow, we have compaction and gloss calenders, with great performance in the final finish, supplied in versions with steam, thermal oil or electric heating.

Finishing open-width fabrics requires adequate ventilation and overfeed controls for each fabric type. As a national manufacturer of the stenter since 1986, Albrecht brings all its experience and knowledge to the most recent version of its finishing and thermosetting line. With smart operational features and connectivity, the thermoset range is the solution for demanding customers.


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Blue Line

Solutions for textile preparation and finishing.

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