Fluidized bed dryer

BRUTHUS LF is indicated for drying pasty substrates, cakes or sludges that present in their constitution fine particles and/or fibers of easy disaggregation, whose mechanical dewatering or other previous processes, guarantee a consistency and a minimum solids content of 12% in the dryer inlet.

With the possibility of direct or indirect heating, and based on a disaggregating mechanism developed by ALBRECHT, BRUTHUS LF allows quick drying and transport of the dry material to the cyclonic separators. The co-current air flow is directed to high efficiency filtration systems, recovering all solid fractions from the process.

It is applicable for drying mineral sludge, pulp and paper sludge, plastic resins, food sludge, by-products such as DDG/WDG and others.

For the TISSUE Paper segment, BRUTHUS LF provides an important reduction in disposal in landfills, directing the dry sludge (biomass) to generate thermal energy, to be fed back into the drying process itself, and the recovery of mineral fractions such as raw material in other applications. An important step for companies looking to implement the Zero Waste policy.


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