Indirect heating dryer

Versatile and easy to install, Bruthus F is suitable for companies that have smaller volumes of substrate for drying or products that need to be processed without contact with hot gases.

Its characteristics are indirect drying (steam heating), thermal stability and residence time control. A gas scrubber attached to the dryer retains particulate materials and helps control the temperature of the exhaust gases.

As an option, BRUTHUS F can be supplied with a small steam generator, for cases where the customer does not have utility infrastructure at the place where the dryer is installed. Simple to maintain and easy to install, it does not require a fixed operator on the unit and is adaptable to the customer’s layout.

It is applicable in the drying of textile sludge, electroplating sludge, industrial sludge free of solvents, sludge from ETP’s of physical-chemical or biological treatment, residues from rendering plants, residues from slaughterhouses and small meat and food processing plants.

As an industrial drying unit, it serves the processing of filter cakes in the chemical industry, flour and macerated grains, among other processes.


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