Rotary dryer for sludge

Bruthus is indicated for the thermal drying of industrial and biological sludge from ETP’s, as well as sludge from mechanical dewatering.

Hot gasses come into direct contact with the sludge. With an internal system patented by ALBRECHT, drying takes place from the granulation of the substrates, optimizing the processing, guaranteeing uniformity and minimal dust formation. The residence time can be adjusted for proper packaging of raw materials and process by-products.

Adaptable to the space available by the customer, its operation can be integrated into the existing infrastructure of utilities. This configuration allows the preferential use of residual gases from boilers and thermal fluid systems for thermal drying operation. In order to comply with environmental conditions, it is supplied with cyclonic separators of the multicyclone type, with an optional gas scrubber. The use of biogas, NG and LPG are optional thermal sources for heating.

Among the dryer models produced by ALBRECHT, the rotary BRUTHUS is one of the most versatile, and its main applications are in the drying of sludge generated in the textile, tanneries, slaughterhouses, mining sludge, chemical sludge and food processing residues.

The growing concern with the costs of logistics and disposal of sludge in landfills, and the encouragement of reuse and recovery of process by-products, are fundamental aspects for the recognition of companies that value the sustainable development of their industrial activities. With the BRUTHUS dryer, the reduction of sludge volumes destined for landfills is immediate.

For the Sanitation segment, the application of rotary BRUTHUS contributes to the production of dry and granulated sludge with solids concentration (consistency) around 80%, guarantee of hygiene regarding pathogens and significant reduction of weight and volume, offering the market a important raw material option for the production of organic fertilizers or an alternative source of thermal energy.


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