Metal chips dryer

BRUTHUS C is an equipment that allows the removal of moisture (oily emulsions and water) deposited on the surface of metal chips, at temperatures compatible with the characteristics of the oil used and the metal alloy, ensuring a removal efficiency superior to mechanical processes, as well as regularity of drying.

Adaptable to the space available by the customer, its operation can be integrated into the existing infrastructure. This configuration allows the preferential use of residual gases from boilers and thermal fluid systems, with the support of a NG or LPG burner.

The direct heating and dynamic movement of the material inside the BRUTHUS C dryer provides a suitable condition and contact time to eliminate the oil/emulsion deposited in the chip, leaving the material ready for recycling.

Optionally, in the procedure for unloading metal keys, it is possible to include a device for selective separation between ferrous and non-ferrous chips.

The BRUTHUS C dryer is the equipment indicated for machining centers that have sought to invest in increasingly sustainable processes, contributing to recycling, reuse and Zero Waste, and reduction in mineral extraction, energy consumption and disposal in landfills.


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